Coming down the stretch

So, this semester so far has been relative easy, but yet somehow I have been procrastinating once again. It's week 6 of the 8 week course, and I have two book reviews due this week. So far, I have one done (save the footnotes and bibliography), a discussion board (which was due with the review for another class), and still have to work on a final review. I'm less than enthused because I hate reading books that are assigned to me. Yes, I understand that they will help me to become a more rounded individual/theologian, but I honestly hate reading when it is not for fun. I find myself being much more distracted with other things.

On a positive note, I am preaching on March 14th at Grassy Creek Baptist Church near Copperhill, TN. It's just fill at this point, but I think that they might be considering me for their lead pastor position. There is another position open that a church has discussed with me a bit, but I don't know where it might go either.

In any case, it'll be an interesting couple of weeks. I have a slightly easier week next week, but I will probably begin to work on my two research projects that I have due the week after next. What fun, right?!

Only six more classes, then I'm done. :D Pretty sad that it's only taking me a year to finish a degree when the last one took me 9.

More later! :D


50 things

So, I sort of stole this idea from one of my friends' blog. She had hit 100 posts, so she did 100 things about her. Since this is my 50th blog, I'm only doing that many. And it took me a long time to figure this out. :D

1) I love airplanes and airports.
2) I would love to learn how to fly, but I don’t know if I’ll ever do it
3) I am a cat lover. I’ve had cats almost all of my life and I can’t live without one (or two…or more)
4) I’ve played either baritone or tuba since I was in 6th grade. It’s hard to think that I’ve played for almost 20 years now.
5) I never thought that before I turned 30 that I would own 2 cars, a house, and a piece of land. Granted this is mostly through Tasha’s work!
6) I love comedy, action, and suspense films. I also like movies that recreate a character with some new enthusiasm. (i.e.: Batman, Sherlock Holmes)
7) I was on stage two times in college. The first time, I felt like doing it because it was something completely different for me. The second time it was to fulfill a promise that I made to a professor when I went for an audition for a scholarship.
8) I got great reviews for both. I wonder why I don’t act more….
9) I found out this summer that I have bad high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. I found this out because I went to the emergency room with BP of 160/100.
10) Other than that, I have only been to the hospital 3 or so other times. 2 times were because of my own stupidity.
11) It took me 9 years to complete my undergraduate degree. I have 172 hours total in my undergrad, and at least a third of those were music classes that were one hour courses.
12) It is going to take me a year to complete my Master’s Degree. :D
13) 13 is one of my lucky numbers. The best season that I ever had in Little League, I wore 13.
14) That was also the only year I ever hit a home run out of the park.
15) However, I have hit five homers total.
16) I marched for nine years total, including 5 in high school and 4 in college.
17) I stopped because I dislocated my kneecap on my left knee doing a half-split in the middle of the season. I marched two weeks later with a massive brace on.
18) I have a bad tendency to let my temper get the better of me.
19) I also have a bad tendency to stay up WAY later than I should
20) In winter, I have notoriously dry skin. Tasha has to use Aloe Vera lotion on my back almost as much as when I get sunburn.
21) I worry too much. All the time.
22) I feel fortunate to have such good friends, even if I don’t have very many of them.
23) My best friend growing up was killed in action, and I feel like I wasn’t the best of friends to him during the last year or so of his life. I’ve learned that I have to appreciate my friends more, and to pull them in closer.
24) My family is always at the top of my list, even when they drive me crazy. :D
25) I am almost anal retentive about certain things. A clean kitchen is one of them.
26) The bathroom is the other place.
27) I have a bad habit of completely destroying any workspace that I am in. I cannot keep it clean.
28) When this happens on my desk, I still know where everything is, though.
29) I have come to appreciate frogs. In every shape, form, and decoration.
30) Yes, there are even frogs in the bathrooms.
31) I love to read. I would estimate that between Tasha and me, we have over 1000 books. I think that I’ve not read about 3 of them that are in my bookshelf.
32) I love cars, and I love to work on them myself. Dad taught me that.
33) I do my own oil changes because it’s cheaper than taking it to an oil change place.
34) I will drive out of my way to get a deal on a large purchase.
35) I believe that God will provide for my needs, but I do not believe in the prosperity gospel that some people are preaching. When I mean my needs, I don’t mean my wants.
36) I love sports title games. Especially Madden and 2K Baseball
37) I have already had two careers in my lifetime. I worked in restaurants for about five years, and then worked as an administrative assistant for a year and a half.
38) Both of these professions have taught me that you have to treat everyone else with humility and humanity.
39) It also taught me how to make excellent fried chicken.
40) I am cheap some of the time. I’m learning more financial responsibility as time goes on.
41) I will wait for years to get something just to get it a lot cheaper. This is especially true with video games.
42) I have a penchant for dressing nice. I like nice clothes, and especially nice shoes.
43) I think that Big K coke is just as good as the regular brand.
44) I love the sound of trains. Where we live now, we can hear the trains all the time. While this might annoy most people, it comforts me. It’s a link to the past, too.
45) I love history, and hope to use it more in the future.
46) I know how to clean clothes, the house, and to sew enough to fix small holes and put buttons back on pants.
47) I can program a VCR so that it doesn’t blink 12:00 all the time.
48) I also know how to program a mixer board for sound.
49) I wear my emotions on my sleeve, but it doesn’t always mean that I’m showing all my cards.
50) I love making lists, and will make another at 100! Thanks for reading, and as always, MORE LATER!!!