Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, we had 13 adults and one baby at our house today! Needless to say, it was a little interesting to fit everyone into a house that's less than 1200 sq. ft. We moved the couches in the den and put up two tables with all the chairs around. I still LOVE having a large kitchen because we were able to put all of the food out and only have the salad stuff on the counters. Also, we were able to have a good line going so that we weren't all bunched in one spot really.

Mom and Dad did a good deal of the cooking, at least in terms of meats. Tasha's Grams made a bit of ham, and Oma brought something like 72 rolls!! We also had a TON of other food from other places...needless to say, I was extraordinarily full after we ate.

It was nice having nearly everyone here at the house for Thanksgiving. I think that it's going to become a tradition (at least hopefully). We hope that anyone who is reading this had a great Thanksgiving as well.


More later!


Painting...lots of painting!

So, we decided to paint the deck and stain the front porch this weekend, and it's taken until today for me to get everything done on the deck for the 1st coat. Ug! My arms feel like they are about to fall off. :P Thankfully enough, it's supposed to rain for the next few days, so I get some time off from doing that.

I ended up not taking the job with the park service for right now because they were only going to have four days in the next two months for me to be able to go and work. Didn't quite work out so well for me. Oh well...I'm sure that there'll be something coming up soon for me! :D

Got to run. Have to write a paper and get it ready for tomorrow...more later!