What a year so far....

It's been more than crazy so far this year. I'm taking only three classes, but they seem to be the most reading-intensive classes that I've taken in a long time. One of the classes is called History of US Religion. In the five weeks that we've had class, we've already had three books to read, and we still have another three to finish. Thankfully enough, the other book reviews for this class are only two page papers, which isn't hard at all.

I have African-American History since Reconstruction. This should be an interesting class, but so far, no dice. It's mostly lecture. This is something I would expect out of a 2000 level history class, so I'm not exactly happy with it. I also haven't really learned much in that class because we're just sort of hitting the high points and not really discussing the reasons behind what was happening during the Gilded Age for blacks. In my previous African-American history classes, it has almost always been discussion-based classes which I prefer more than straight lecture.

The final class is my internship. What I am doing is researching the Cobb County NAACP chapter. They donated their materials that they had in their office to the Kennesaw State archives last February, and I've been working through what they donated. I also will be setting up interviews with people from Marietta and Cobb County to talk about their involvement in the NAACP and how life changed between 1945 and now. I've been reading a ton for that class as well, mostly oral histories. This coming weekend, Tasha and I are heading to the Georgia Association of Historians meeting in Dahlonega later today.
The other major thing that has been happening is that we've been trying to get pregnant. It's been more than trying, especially of late. So far, we've spent around $1200 out of pocket to doctors to figure out what is going on with Tasha and my bodies. We have one more procedure that is going to cost about $1500 that we aren't exactly sure how we are going to pay for right now, but I know that God will bless us.

Of course I am looking for a job right now, too. The job market in Atlanta is pretty bad to say the least. Also, most businesses who are looking for people are looking for either sales or for someone who is way more experienced than I am. I've been applying at different places, but so far, no real interest has been shown in me. On March 26th, there is another job fair on campus at Kennesaw State, this time for government and non-profit jobs. I feel way more confident in that than I have in a while about any job fairs.

Lent is here now, and I really am thinking that God is leading me to give up my job search (other than the job fair on the 26th) for Lent. I know that it's crazy because I would only have about a month before graduation, but I think that God wants me to do this so that I can focus on God more and rely on him more. Any thoughts?

Ok, got to go for now...more later...:D


It's been a while...

So, I just realized that I haven't updated since the beginning of the semester. I had my first paper due today, and I think that it went well. The internship is kicking my ever-loving hind end. I've been reading a TON, and I have to work more in the archives than I have been. It's very informative for me, but it's been hard. Anyway, got to get to bed, I'll write more tomorrow.

More later!