4:30 AM

So, I wake up this morning at 3:45 because, you know, that's just what I wanted, right? Ug.

I literally woke up like a shot this early and can't get back to sleep now. This is on top of two tylenol PMs that I took around 9. At least I slept around four hours already, but I REALLY wanted to sleep deeply and be refreshed in the morning. Well, now.

Tasha has a job next year, which is great. I've had to put the job search on hold until I get better. I didn't think that hunting for jobs right now should be a stress I need, at least until my rump feels more like itself.

Think I'll wrap this up for now and try to get some more sleep. Hopefully it'll come and soon. More later...



So, for those of you who don't know and needed a laugh (I know who you are. ;D ), I had a hemorrhoidectomy done on Friday. Yes, I had THREE (not the two originally reported) taken out under general anesthesia around 10:30. Amazingly enough, I'm doing pretty well, even though I do have spikes in pain from time to time (i.e.: when I have to go to the restroom). I'm also on good meds, so it's not too bad. Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I'm doing alright, and to laugh while you can. :P :D