Completely random

Just felt like it!

Fried Chicken recipe...

1 c milk
2 eggs
2 c flour
seasonings to taste
2 chicken breasts
enough oil to fill the bottom of a cast iron skillet :) (i.e.: not enough to cover the chicken, but enough to fry the sides a little) - I usually cut my vegetable oil with EVOO. It makes it taste better, and it's probably better for you!

Warm oil on the stove. Combine the eggs and the milk in a bowl, and combine the flour and seasonings in another bowl. Take the chicken and coat it with the egg and milk mixture. Do not let the mixture fall too much off or else your flour won't stick to it. Put the chicken into the flour and coat evenly. Place into the skillet and let cook until brown.

I swear, it makes the best, crispiest fried chicken. I learned this from the people at the Yellow Jacket the few days that I worked there two years ago.

More later!



So, I've been talking politics more recently. I think that it's absolutely ridiculous that we have someone running for Vice President who is pro-choice (which of course means pro-abortion, meaning murdering unborn innocent babies) and who also claims to be Catholic. Last time I checked, the Vatican was pretty darn well against abortions, and pretty much have stated it clearly that you cannot be both Catholic and Pro-Choice. I think that my friend Michael put it best; he's a salad-bar Christian. This means that he can choose what he wants to believe and make sure its the things that make him feel the best. This is very scary to me! To think that we have someone who might be president who cannot stand up to his own morals is truly frightening. If he can't do that, what else can't he stand up to?

Also, dealing with the Democratic Party itself...Barack Obama claims to want change. What it seems to me is that he wants to return us back to 1994 or 1995 to when the middle class was being taxed around 35% or more, and also we were completely a mess overseas. The big bubble burst in 2001 or so that was blamed on President Bush was actually a backlog of bad decisions made by the Clinton administration dealing with the economy. It seems as well that under the Presidency of Obama that being successful in life is the new Cardinal Sin. As seen with John McCain, since he owns seven houses, it's seen as a terrible thing. He must have stolen the funds from hard-working blue-collar workers! He also must sit on a throne of those blue-collar worker's skulls and drink their blood from a diamond encrusted gold goblet. (Ok, so that's not really what they are saying, but dang if it's not close!) In any case, if for some reason that you actually work hard for your living, you'll be punished rather than rewarded.

For education, it seems that the Democrats want to continue down this dangerous road of making everyone on the same playing field; this means the continuation of No Child Left Behind as it stands now. It's very sad to me that children who excel are being held back because they can't get too far ahead. You see, it'll blow the curve for the children who are mentally retarted who still have to take the same exact exam that the high children take. Also, never mind about personal achievement by students. It all matters about one week in the year when the students take this test. It's very sad to me that all of a school's funding and all the pressure is based on how children from 5 to 14 do on a test.

I don't personally know if John McCain is the right answer for the country right now, but I know that he personally has dealt with more personal crisis in his life than Barry Obama has. He can cry and say how terrible his childhood was, but remember that he still went to an Ivy League school and has a law degree. John McCain is from a line of soldiers, and I feel a lot better with people who want to blow us to kingdom come having someone with military experience in place as the head of our country. I also feel that McCain would be able to convince the few moderate Democrats to vote in his favor in Congress better than Obama could convince the few liberal Republicans to vote for what he wants.

Needless to say, I'm a little fired up about this election. It reminds me a lot of the 1892 election between William McKinley and William Jennings Bryant (better known as the battle of the Williams ;) ). During that election, it was a choice to either be a highly industrialized nation with a concience or to remain with a weaker economy that was essentially isolationist. I feel that the election between McCain and Obama will determine if we are going to be a strong or a weak country for the next four years, and I hope that we will decide the right way.

More later! Not so political next time, I swear!

Weird Schedule

So, it's been a weird two weeks already for me. I still don't know when I am going to be starting in Dr. Siegel's office right now. They had told me that it would probably be this week, but no phone calls and no emails yet, so I guess that I'll be working in Development only 5 hours a week until something changes. Ug! On the positive, it'll give me a day off each week until I start working 20. :)

Only a short one today..have to make Tasha some lunch and get onto class. Talk to everyone soon!

More later!


Fresh outta school...soon!

So, I dropped one class and ended up adding another in its place. The class that I dropped was PE 1001 basically, and it was going to meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5 - 6:45. The reason that I did this was because I was sure that I was going to get the job in Development a few weeks ago and I needed another class to qualify for financial aid for this upcoming semester. Obviously, since I got the job with Dr. Siegel, I didn't need to have this late class and be coming home somewhere between 3 and 4 hours after Tasha was home. (No fun!) The class that I will be taking is with Dr. Oral Moses, one of the leading scholars on African-American Music in the United States, and it looks like perhaps only 3 people (including myself) are going to be in it. Should be interesting!

I have been considering my future right now and God's been working with me a lot. What I really have dreamt of for a long time was to finish my history degree and be able to work in a research position. I honestly didn't think that this was going to be possible after my first few years of bombing my GPA in college. Most places that do research look at GPA and see that first, then decide who they can trust. However, this all said, I have gotten a part-time position with Dr. Siegel for at least this upcoming semester doing research for her and her special projects. She is the President Emeritus, and also is very well connected with the University and Cobb County. For once, it seems that God has given me a break to fulfill part of a dream that may lead to bigger and better things.

The other part is trying to decide what I am going to try to get a Master's Degree in. I want to take at least a semester off, but in thinking about how hard it was to get started back this time around, I'm almost tempted to apply for some places and see if I can get in this upcoming January. I would probably be looking at an online degree unless I could get into a program at Kennesaw somehow (maybe probationary?).

In any case, it's going to be an extraordinary semester. I can't wait to graduate (except having to pay for graduation fees..ug!)...

More later!


I swear I'm not going to do this every day!

I thought that this would end up being a once-in-a-while blog, but apparently, it's an everyday thing right now!

Today we went back to Oak Leaf Church. It was a lot different than last week because we are beginning to know some people. It's sort of strange to me that we sort of wrote this church off at one point, but God knew better. To be also more honest, we visited this church because we were too lazy to go to our own. God has been working with both Tasha and I in trying to find a church home since we moved to Cartersville. We visited many churches in the area and actually joined First Baptist Woodstock. It's a great church and has lots to offer, but as I stated to Tasha, I want to be in a situation where I can be used. It feels like to me that you really have to know someone who is in a ministry at FBCW or is someone who is just a complete standout where you could be able to be used in a ministry. There isn't anything inherently wrong with this, but I know that I personally don't have the time to wait for people to 'let' me into their ministry when there are people going to Hell in our backyard every day. Oak Leaf seems that they are trying to get whoever and whenever that they can. It's not an completely open process (i.e.: they don't let just anyone volunteer and they still pray over them before they do it), but they are desperately seeking those who are willing. We have already volunteered in helping clean their new building, and were thanked for coming out (which shouldn't be a major thing, but it does help!).

We also have been looking for a church in which we can find other newly married couples. As large as Woodstock is, they essentially overlook this part of their congregation (or so it seems since we could never get ahold of a group that was truly 'newly married'). This church has at least three newly-wed couples, and I'm sure that there are more. This was a large sticking point with most churches that we visited in that they really didn't have anything for us.

We're going to definitely go for the next few weeks to finish out this sermon series and also probably the next one. I also feel led to volunteer with the upcoming youth coffeehouse that they are starting in September, and I think that Tasha is warming up to the idea, too. I just know that it is wrong of me to just be a person who sits on the sidelines at church and doesn't or isn't able to do anything. Also, we are going to hopefully hook into a Journey Group (which is sort of their Sunday School) that meets during the week.

I know that God has great things for Tasha and I, and we are praying that we may have found a church home that will use us to the best of our abilities. :)

More later!!


Loooong day

So, Tasha and I ended up at the House of Rock (the new building at the church we visited last Sunday) and cleaned up the kitchen. In a word, EWWWWWW. ;) It looked like it hadn't been cleaned since the place had opened as a bar. The fryer was still full of old oil (this place closed down over a year ago), the char grill hadn't been cleaned ever, and the flattop grill was even worse. The grease trap in it was filled to the top and had coagulated for a long time, so it was extraordinarily hard to clean. The hoods hadn't been taken apart to be cleaned at all, either. Luckily, other people had already checked to see if they would work, and the oil in the fryer had been reheated so it was relatively easy to clean it out. The char grill took a mother and her daughter over two hours to get to a point where it could be used again. Tasha was a real trooper, though. She helped wash these disgusting, greasy parts that I kept handing her and helped me to keep the cleaning running smoothly. An amazing woman, I'm telling you!

It felt really good to get to meet some of the people at this church finally. On Sunday, we really didn't get a chance to talk to too many people because the church has to move out quickly so that the tear-down crew can work. It also felt good to be able to serve in a way that I know will help this church out.

More later! :)



So, I have an interview on Tuesday at 9:30 AM for the research position at Kennesaw State. I called my supervisor in the Office of Development, and she is discouraging me to do it, but I am going to go and interview anyway. (She states that Dr. Siegel is crazy and that the work would be overly demanding. From what I've seen is that she can be hard to work with, but if you're flexible, you can do a lot more!)

Tomorrow, Tasha and I are going up to Cartersville to help Oak Leaf Church clean up their new building. Should be fun to get out some of my frustrations with my work situation out on some hard physical labor. :D

Talking about labor, I need to go and mow. More later!


Brand spankin' new

So, here is another thing for me to waste time on!

Nathan, Mom, Kayla, and many others have their own blog, so I've decided to jump on the bandwagon here as well.

Things have been sort of crazy this week. Tasha has started school with students this week. It's not exactly been a bed of roses, but I think that this year will be going better than last. Also, I'm basically out of a job as of right now. I was working with Development at Kennesaw State, but the monies for Federal Work Studies has dried up even into the Fall. Today, though, I received an email from Dr. Betty Siegel's Executive Assistant. A few weeks ago (while working on my term paper for Senior Seminar), I had the opportunity to talk to her in person and ask her a few questions. She apparently took a shine to me and asked me to send her a copy of my paper. She is looking for someone who can do research and also help with grant writing. For some of you that know, I have harbored a dream of one day being a historical researcher, but there has been little to no way for me to get into this. I feel that this is God's way of me being able to, at least for a while, do something that I love. I don't know if I'll get the job or not, and it's also only part-time, but I really honestly want it. It would enable me to finish my bachelor's, though.

Well, more later. I'll update tomorrow when I know what time my interview is. :D