Heart stuff

So, here's what's going on. After my episode with my heart down at Kennestone hospital, they wanted me to follow up with a primary care doc. Went to one in Cartersville and pretty much just saw the doc, no tests, no bloodwork, etc. Tasha was less than thrilled with this, and neither was I. I ended up going to another doctor down in Marietta who is connected with the hospital, and have already been given another EKG, bloodwork to test for high cholesterol, and now I've got a stress test and electrocardiogram in a few weeks. I'm guessing that my new doc saw something on my paperwork from the hospital that she wants to get checked out, but I'd rather get it done and know I'm in the clear rather than only take my high blood pressure medicine.

On a less concerning note, I have been accepted into Liberty University's online program for Christian Leadership. I'm not quite sure where God will lead us with it, but I do know that it's the right thing to do. It's a one year program of study that will get me ready for a bevy of positions within the church or church organizations. I'm not quite sure where God will put me for a ministry, but I'm trusting completely!

Got to run for now. Inevitably, I have yard work to do and it's raining. :\ More later...