The beginning of the end...

So, here I finally am at the cusp of the final semester of my undergraduate degree, and of all things, I have mixed emotions. I am of course happy that in 16 weeks (1 off because of Spring Break), I will finally be ending a very long and winding path towards my degree. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have taken nearly a decade to finish, nor that I would have transferred schools two times since I left high school. Looking back, it's funny to think that I figured that I would end up in music, but now I am in history. I also thought that I would have graduated at about 22 and had been married at 23 or 24, but obviously, that didn't happen (and it's most definitely for the better!).

On the other hand, I'm also sort of scared out of my wits. I am quickly realizing that I have a LOT of work to accomplish by the end of this semester. I have an internship with Dr. Scott, my advising professor, and it will be great. I just hope that somehow a job may come out of it and I won't have to look too hard! (I know, wishful thinking..as Clark Howard puts it, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is...)

In any case, I know that it's going to be an exciting time for our family. It's going to be weird to have to wear that stupid hat for the first time in 9 years....:D

More later!


Goals for life

So, this was a challenge that our pastor did for himself and I stole the idea. Here are some of my goals for my life (some from short, some from long)

1) Go back down to between 200 and 205 (I've got at least 30 pounds to go)
2) Be debt free within the first year after I am employed full-time (other than the house and the land)
3) Get a doctoral degree
4) Go to at least one World Series game
5) Be married as long as I possibly can!
6) Be a good father for my children (whenever we have them)
7) Graduate from Kennesaw
8) Take Tasha to Europe
9) Work in the National Archives on a major project (yeah, I'm a history dork...)
10) Learn how to sew better than I already do