Follistim, Ganirelix, and Progesterone, Oh my!

So, we are only a few days from re-implantation for the babies. :D The doc took 26 eggs from Tasha, of which 21 were good ones and began to divide after being fertilized. They've already frozen 10 of them, so we've got 11 to choose from! We're just ready for this to happen now!

At least we're down to one shot a day. Right now, Tasha has taken 26 shots to date. All we have is progesterone, which is done inter-muscular. Needless to say, it's not a great one, but at least it doesn't sting!

Got to get going here, more later!


What a week...

So, this is kind of the first time to sit and write this week. It's been crazy! We've been going down to Sandy Springs every morning for the last week and a half. On top of that, I've not been sleeping well because of the medicine that Tasha and I were both on.

To say the least, things are moving quickly. We have been seeing an amazing growth of Tasha's eggs this week, and it looks like everything is still on target for a retrieval on Thursday. We'll see if re-implantation takes place on Sunday or Tuesday, but things look good for either day.

Just keep praying for us. We're not to dire financial straits, but we aren't doing great right now either. Thankfully, we have enough to make it through the end of this month and next and we have plenty of food to eat. Just as long as nothing major happens, we'll be good! :D

For me, it's crazy to think that if everything works out right, we'll be having twins in April. In a way, it freaks me out a bit to think that I'm going to be in charge of my own kids. But Dad gave me a great example to follow for being a father, and I think that I'll figure a lot of things out as I go. I'm sure I'll quote Nathan later in saying "well, they aren't dead yet, so I must be doing something right." :D

Got to get to bed. This is the first time that I've felt tired this early in two weeks. More later...:D


New stuff going on..:D

So, we're going ahead with IVF this month. Needless to say, we're a bit excited and a bit scared. It's going to be great, though. I'm sure I'll be updating from time to time this month. For now, more later...:D